ICZM Capacity building and training for India


Recognition by the Government of India that it lacked the institutional capacity to deliver integrated coastal management (ICM) led to a request to the UK Department for International Development to provide technical assistance for a project that:

  1.  Designed and implemented an ICM training methodology and framework for India.
  2. Developed Institutional capacity in the Indian University sector to provide training in ICM to Government Officers, and
  3. Provided advice to the Government of India regarding its coastal zone policy.

We provided overall co-ordination and management of the project, liaising with the Government of India and the Department for International Development on their policy objectives. We delivered training to University staff on current best practices for professional training and teaching methodologies. We provided, and facilitated Indian university staff to deliver, professional training courses for Government Officers in ICM. In order to achieve this, we designed and implemented a novel framework and methodology for ICM – the resulting training manual can be accessed at http://bit.ly/1mUA3ed.