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Our expertise


Our expertise covers coastal and marine domains and their planning, management and governance in the context of natural, anthropogenic and climate change.


Global experience


We have worked for government, international consultancy and academic sectors spanning the Caribbean, Europe, Middle-East, South and South-east Asia and the Pacific.


Consultancy services


We provide a thoughtful service to our clients to overcome the challenges and opportunities that arise from managing risk and vulnerability and developing adaptation strategies.


Communication and outreach


We are committed to providing outreach and dissemination products so that projects we work on provide a long lasting legacy and capacity building opportunity to others.


Coastal Matters provides assistance to Governments, Non-governmental organisations and International Agencies to help them respond to challenges and demands relating to:

Coastal and marine management and governance

Achieving Blue growth and sustainable development for coastal and marine areas

Addressing coastal and maritime planning, management and governance  to create opportunities that enhances economic, environmental and societal values.

Climate change adaptation

Designing adaptation solutions to future proof coasts and maritime activities

We provide approaches for adaptation to maintain sustainable sources of income whilst conserving ecological balances and a safe living environment.


Communication and outreach

Ensuring key messages for policy and decision making reach target audiences

We produce products to disseminate complex information to stakeholders facilitating integrated responses to coastal, maritime and climate change.

This is who we are – a short introduction to the people in Coastal Matters 

Over 40 years’ consultancy, research and field experience in coastal management, marine spatial planning, climate change adaptation and training and capacity-building. See my Profile

Some key skills:

  • Project design
  • Institutional analysis
  • Professional training

More than 25 years’ experience in science communication and dissemination for coastal and marine management and climate change adaptation project outreach. See my Profile

Some key skills:

  • Project management
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Environmental education

Coastal Matters has an extensive portfolio of project outputs

Click the icons below to see examples of outputs produced for clients to help them address the current challenges and barriers to coastal management and governance, as well as the future challenges posed by climate change.

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