Publicity materials

Projects for coastal and marine affairs and climate change involve many different contributors, and present challenges for dissemination and long-term outreach to the wider community. Choosing and designing the most appropriate means of communication is important to ensure projects get their messages across in the most effective manner. We have experience in communication planning within project groups, stakeholder engagement and ensuring longevity of project outcomes.


Workshop outcome poster

The IMCORE project included large numbers of regional and local stakeholders who were involved in workshop activity. Ensuring they were kept informed and up-to-date with project activity, and their contributions to it, was an important feature of the project. Designing posters that summarized opinions, and ideas the workshop participants had provided, showed how the project was using their information to explore opportunities for  local community.


Electronic newsletter

The COREPOINT project explored coastal research and policy integration to establish North West Europe as an internationally recognised region of excellence in coastal management. It involved 12 partners from across Europe, and interaction with local authorities was an important project feature. Regular e-newsletters were a successful project mechanism to ensure everyone was kept up-to-date with project activities.


Promotional materials

To promote the resources produced to support implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive web portal by the Knowseas project we produced a suite of outreach materials that included a flyer for awareness; a brochure for more in depth information; a promotional coaster; and a USB credit card flash drive with project reports, materials etc. All materials included a themed design, recognisable website icon and QR codes for access to the website.