Professional Capacity Development Partnership for Coastal Zone Managers in Europe and Asia


Working with University of Wageningen, the Netherlands, University of Algave, Portugal, IOM, India and University of Cab Tho, Vietnam this EU-AsiaLink project aimed to develop institutional capacity to develop curricula guidelines for work-related multi-disciplinary and cross-sectoral teaching of Integrated Coastal Management. The objective was to facilitate dissemination of a holistic management tool to promote the wise and sustainable development of coastal zones in both Europe and Asia. The project worked with existing expertise within the educational sectors of both regions to develop skills in multi-disciplinary teaching and supporting course materials and resources.

Acting as the Practice Oriented Learning coordinator we facilitated workshops and led in production of a training manual – its writing, design, and web production. This publication consisted of three modules that cover critical learning areas for future coastal managers:

  1. Awareness of human dimensions and approaches for social analysis.
  2. Field-based case studies to develop observational skills to understand natural and social science features.
  3. Approaches and tools to integrate multi-disciplinary knowledge in support of coastal management.

The resulting publication is available at